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Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

What kind of air conditioner can be bought today?

Deciding the question about the climatic equipment for your home or office, you should firstly find out what models are on the market. On the type of equipment will depend not only on its functionality, but also on the method of installation. Today you can buy air conditioners for home or office of the following types:
Columnar. The simplest design, which facilitates the installation process. As a rule, it is placed on the floor without being fixed to the wall. Treats rooms with an area of more than 100 square meters. The choice for offices and shopping centers;
Split systems. The most modern and popular option, the wall-mounted air conditioner, widely used in the arrangement of apartments and private homes. Its main peculiarity is division into two parts. The first, external block, is placed on the wall on the street. Installation of the internal block of the conditioner is made inside the room. Thus, the technique works almost silently and does not take much space. It allows you to cool the room with the area of 15-50 square meters. If you want to buy this type of conditioner, you should take into consideration the place of installation and the direction of air;
Duct and cassette type. They, as a rule, are installed in the ceiling. Due to such arrangement the even distribution of air is provided. In addition, the installation is built into the ceiling, not taking up useful space. This is a popular home air conditioner not only for large apartments, but also for offices, trade halls, restaurants and so on.
Of course, there are also unique models. For example, a portable conditioner for an apartment or a floor-ceiling split-system. But they are not so widespread at the market.
Installation and mounting of air conditioners: peculiarities
Do not assume that you can easily and quickly install this climatic technique by yourself. Of course, you can screw the bolts and other fasteners with your own hands. But there are still a number of nuances that must be taken into account. Only professional installation of air conditioner by a climber will allow taking them into consideration:
The indoor unit is fixed on the wall at a distance of 15 cm from the ceiling and 30 cm from the side walls. There should not be any obstacles in the way: walls, furniture and various constructions;
It is very important to choose the place of installation so that the distance between the units of the system was minimal. The longer the path, the longer it takes to cool down. Also, the short distance of the tubes ensures little condensate accumulation. As for the height between units, the allowable drop is 3 meters;
When installing the outdoor unit, it is necessary to ensure free access to fresh air for ventilation and cooling. When installing on the first floor of an apartment building, the minimum height is 1.8-2 meters. It is also recommended to install a grille for protection.

These features affect the quality of performance and longevity of the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to hire experienced climbers to install the air conditioner. Our company is ready to help in this matter.
Air conditioners with installation by professionals
When organizing the installation of climatic equipment, we approach the issue responsibly and comprehensively. Our standard work plan, whether installation or relocation of air conditioning system by mountaineers, consists of the following points:
Departure to the object, study the place of work: the outer wall, the location of windows, the arrangement of the inside of the room;
  • Drawing up a project in accordance with the data of the object and customer's wishes. Selection of tools and accessories (if you do not have the equipment itself, the company specialists will help you to pick up air conditioners with installation);
  • Installation of indoor unit;
  • Laying of channels, installation of pipes, insulation;
  • Installation of the external unit;
  • Connecting of electrical wiring;
  • Vacuumizing;
  • Connection, starting-up and adjustment works.
  • Of course, any stage can be adjusted if necessary.