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Installation of air conditioners with their own hands

Installation of air conditioners with their own hands

New technologies offer the installation of air conditioners with your own hands.

Air conditioning means freshness and cleanliness, preventing the spread of infections. Systems made at the most advanced technical level provide highly efficient heating or cooling. Remote controls support a variety of useful functions to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. There are many models of split and multisplit systems with wall and floor-ceiling indoor units, as well as window-type air conditioners. All of them correspond to the modern standards. To connect them you use standard equipment. That is why if you wish you can do the air conditioner installation by yourself.

If you have decided to install an air conditioner, you should pay special attention to the choice of refrigerant. New models of the producers work with ozone-saving freons R407C and R410A. The last one is nonflammable and nontoxic. Besides being harmless to the earth's ozone layer, R410A is also highly energy-efficient. Nevertheless, many models run on the old Freon R22.

Installation of window air conditioners.
The window conditioners are the easiest to install. Here after installation you only need to correctly calculate the connection to the electric network. From construction works it is needed to prepare a cutout in a window frame or wall. That is why installation of split systems is more comfortable.

Construction of split system.
Among the domestic air conditioners split systems are the most widespread. Structurally split can be presented as an outside and inside block, jointed together with a hose with the refrigerant. Additionally, electric wiring is brought in a pipe. The external block is a compressor and condenser unit. The indoor unit performs the functions of ventilation and air conditioning.

Installation of the air conditioner includes several stages:

  • Installation of the indoor unit.
  • Mounting the outdoor unit.
  • Connecting the electrical wiring.
  • Connecting the water and air hose.
  • Vacuuming and pressure testing of pipelines and indoor unit.

The indoor unit is installed strictly horizontally. For this purpose, brackets are installed on the wall. This is very important. If the air conditioner is not positioned horizontally, the condensate will drip off during operation. A drain hose is provided to drain the condensate. A hole for the hose is drilled under the bracket. It is positioned with an inclination for drainage of the liquid.

When connecting the electrical wiring, you need to choose the right connecting cable. Its selection is made according to the standard table, according to the power. Connecting cables are led to the terminal board in the order shown in the diagram. A signal wire connecting the indoor and outdoor unit can be led to the terminal board. The terminal board is located under the front panel of the indoor unit. Special clamps are used to attach the wires to the terminals. Here, as in any modern technique, the lego principle is successfully implemented.

The diagram of this control panel of the outdoor unit provides for grounding. The ground wire must be connected to the contacts indicated on the terminal block. If this is neglected, the failure of the air conditioner up to the fire is possible. If there is no professional skill in attaching wires to the terminal board, fire may occur if other items are not connected correctly. There should also be no obstructions to heat dissipation when installing the outdoor unit. Hot and cold air from it can affect plants and animals. Do not forget about the harmful effects of vibration, which can even affect the integrity of the building. When installing the outdoor unit, there should be no heat or vapor sources nearby. The installation height should be at least 2 meters. The same applies to the indoor unit. For the environment, noise reduction is of great importance.